Nepal Quake on Solstice Lines Nexus Point

My recent book SOLSTICE LINES featured two major SOLSTICE LINES that just happen to have a NEXUS in Iraq not far from Baghdad and the ancient Sumerian capital.

Over 30 ancient monuments are located on these two tiny global lines. Stonehenge, Giza, Nazca, Pyramids of Bosnia and Java and many other ancient monuments are on these two simple SOLSTICE LINES.

When we create PARALLEL SOLSTICE LINES we have new NEXUS POINTS on earth and Nepal where thousands just died from a historic killer quake is one such SOLSTICE LINES NEXUS point.

The lines in RED were featured in my book SOLSTICE LINES .

The Green Lines are a simple set of parallel lines that INTERSECT IN NEPAL.

Nepal Nexus Solstice Lines
Nepal Nexus Solstice Lines

So we can now use the base two SOLSTICE LINES to find similar nexus points where such seismic activity is prone to occur.

The Super Quake triangle that I explained in my work TRIANGLE OF FIRE will be where the largest super quakes occur, but large killer quakes will occur at similar nexus locations to parallel lines created from the two global solstice lines I explained in my work on SOLSTICE LINES.

The map below shows historic killer quakes for the past 50 or so years. They have all struck on nexus points of parallel lines to the main two global SOLSTICE LINES.

My work predicted every quake on the map since 1995.

Solstice Lines Quakes
Solstice Lines Quakes

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