Dr Sol Adoni

Dr. Sol Adoni


Dr. Sol Adoni 1)http://paideias.com/dr-sol-adoni/ is the Founder of HelixQ2)http://helixq.org an Artificial Intelligence Computer Programming Language. Dr. Adoni is also Honorary Chairman of Adoni Co.3)http://adoni.co and the Adoni Trust. Dr. Adoni is the Emeritus Dean of Universitius4)http://universitius.com/news/dean-dr-adoni/ and University Temple of ‘Hayah5)http://university.templehayah.org/sollog/.

Dr. Adoni discovered the 30 Mod Prime Number Algorithm6)http://paideias.com/8-prime-spirals/ which is the fastest way to generate prime numbers and also PDFPlanetary Distance Formula 7)http://paideias.com/branches-knowledge/science/physics/pdf/ which was verified by NASA as being correct.

Dr. Sol Adoni 8)http://paideias.com/dr-sol-adoni/ is also the founder of HelixQ 9)http://helixq.org an advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence computer software company.

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